A Kirby Movie is a 2016 Blue Sky Studios film.

It is the sixteenth Blue Sky Studios film released.

It's release date that year was March 23rd, 2016.

Plot Edit

It starts with a pink ball with red feet named Kirby waking up and getting out of bed. He goes to his living room, turns on his TV, and watches South Park.

Next, it cuts to his sister Tiff, a little yellow girl with red feet and a pink one-piece outfit walking to school. When she gets into the school, she starts to go in the school and sings her pattycake song.

Cast Edit

  • Makiko Ohmoto as Kirby
  • Kerry Williams as Tiff

Rating Edit

A Kirby Movie got a PG rating (for violence and mature subject matter).

This is the 4th Blue Sky film in both the U. S. and U. K. after Ice Age, Epic, and Blur to get a PG rating.