(Walt Disney Pictures Logo)

Announcer: For the next three years...

(Village Roadshow Pictures Logo)

Announcer: Get ready, for the next generation of magic, lying on the next generation's hero's heart.

President Spike: Fido & Mike

Croaky John: Fido & Mike

The Man of Promotion: Fido & Mike

Fido: Me

Mike: and Me.

(Don't Stop the Party by Pitbull)

(Scene cuts to the climax)

Gregory Stone: End of the Line Fido!

Fido: Not for long Gregory!

(Cuts to these scenes:

  1. Emilia Cynthia kisses Fido
  2. The Car Chase with Gregory Stone vs Fido and the others
  3. Gregory Stone getting hit by the train
  4. Fido catching the frisbee
  5. Fido & Mike freeing the animal pets from the cages
  6. Fido facing Gregory )

President Spike: Fido, Mike, you are going to be great heroes someday!

(The crowd cheers)

(Fido and Mike smile)

Announcer: Disney's Fido & Mike. The new legend is born. Rated PG-13. In theaters 2017.

(Music fades out)

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