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Speaking Voices.

Dylan White - Aladdin

Judy Mora - Jasmine

Noel Orput - The Sultan

Will Vought - Genie

Jeff Sumner - Iago

Mark Antony - Jafar

Lamce Roberts - Razoul, the Head Guard

Jim Grussing -  First Guard

Russ Marchand  - Second Guard

Dave Secor - The Peddler

Singing Voices.

Ace Marrero - Aladdin

DeeDee Magno - Jasmine

Sam Pablo - Genie

Ralph Valencia Jr. - Jafar

Jeff Max - Razoul, the Head-Guard

Mat Vairo - First Guard

Matt Mickenburg - Second Guard

John Shartzer - The Peddler

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Narrator: Salam, my friends. Welcome to The Hyperion Theater. You're about to embark for the land of the Arabian Nights. A land of magic and mystery. A land of no visual lighting, flash photography, cellphones or pages. So please, do not interrupt our journey with such distractions. Thank you.

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