Alison and Colleen Forever
Directed by Owen Emerson
Produced by

Elliot Strange

Owen Emerson
Written by Elliot Strange
Story by

Elliot Strange

Owen Emerson

Mae Whitman

Melissa Fahn

Mainframe Entertainment

The Corning/Emerson Group
Distributed by

FUNimation (US, Japan)

Alliance Atlantis (Canada)
Release date(s) 2006
Running time 100 minutes
Country Canada, US
Language English
Alison and Colleen Forever is a Canadian-American direct-to-video film released in 2005, produced by Mainframe Entertainment with input by The Corning/Emerson Group. Funimation Entertainment distributed the film in the US and Japan while Alliance Atlantis distributed the film in Canada.

TV Airings Edit

The film aired on television between 2006 and 2007 during the summer on Cartoon Network in the US and YTV in canada.

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