Appleseed Creek: Bigger, Longer & Uncut is an American animated adventure-comedy film distributed by Paramount Pictures and Donald Dark Productions. It is based on the popular Poco TV animated television series, Appleseed Creek. The film was released in April 13, 2002. The film is rated PG-13 for crude humor, extensive alcohol consumption and brief violence.

Plot Summary Edit

When Dash Barrvan is sick and tired of being told what to do by his parents, he hatches his most devious plan yet: overthrowing the President of the United States and claiming the country for himself. During Dash's tyranny, he begins setting up unfair and dumb laws that the United States would never listen to: transforming any educational building (examples are schools and colleges) into children's play places similar to Chuck E. Cheese's and Peter Piper Pizza, turning non-fast food restaurants into actual fast food restaurants and even worse, children being free to do what they want without parents having to tell them what to do.

Aleks must team up with his brother Nick, Barney Peters and Charles River as they must embark on a quest throughout the United States to protest against Dash's unacceptable laws, save the President from being executed, learn the truth behind Vanguardia and bring justice to Dash to save the United States from kiddish corruption.

Characters Edit

  • Aleks Hudock
  • Nick Hudock (deuteragonist)
  • Barney Peters
  • Charles River (tritagonist)
  • Aaron Templin
  • Sam Johnston
  • Kaitlyn Keeley
  • Dash Barrvan (main antagonist)
  • President Bush
  • Toon Lucydia (secondary antagonist)
  • Harriet River
  • Lucydia the Dark (minor protagonist)

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