Arley Richard "Pipo" Swaby (Mayo) †(€€£¥₩) (born December 18, 1998-September 1, 2016) American Actor and comedian ; former professional wrestler currently With the WWE..,, writer ; retired American Businessman..,,, (Poltician Present-2016;2017)

friend close Of Jennifer Aniston..,, and Seth Green..,
Arley R. Swaby
Arley R. Swaby
Birth date
December 18, 1998 (Age 19)
Actor , Comedian (currently) ; former wrestler rapper (formerly)
Active Years
Wrestler (2003; - 2015, 2016;2017)
rapper (2016, 2017-present)

Actor (1999, 2016; 2017-present) Poltician (Businessman) (2017; 2016- present)

Notable Roles
Jason Bourne (David Webb),

Eric Skywalker, George Skywalker (Star Wars films) Keanu Collins Dr. Gabriel Wilson (Jurassic Park films) Bruce Wayne/Batman (Batman film series) Walker Smith (Horror-Action,Comedy film called The Rage (film))

T-34A (Cyborg Kills) Dr. William Gordon Wilson (Jurassic Park films)

John James

([Retired Acting (present-2016; 2017, 2018)])}}

Little Bit FilmsEdit

Writers and DirectorsEdit

  • Untitled Wives ([(Papo Swaby Nixon]) [Arley's Cousin] and Arley Swaby writer)

Filmograpy Edit

==Life Career==

World Wrestling Entertainment (2003-2016)Edit

Scotty Moore Jr. Was Debuting Since 2003.,,,

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Performed By Junkie XL and song By Mark MothersBaugh

  • " Getting To Fly " soundtrack by from Scooby Doo! : Mystery Mission (2016) Performed By Carla Bodden and by Moby., & Dale Oliver
  • " The Sky Over " soundtrack from Predator : Against Theives (2016 film) Composer By Scotty Moore Jr.
  • Jurassic Park Theme Composed By John Powell soundtrack from Jurassic Park 2  ; Jurassic Park 3 Music by John Williams (Doug Liman)
  • "Liitle Things" by Danny Elfman and Jim Johnston (Wanted film soundtrack)