Ban This Movie
Directed by Chad Dickson
Produced by Jim Morales
Written by Darryl Costanzo
Screenplay by Ken Redgrove
Story by Darryl Costanzo
Music by Mark Tremonti

SEI Pictures

Nontroversial Productions
Distributed by Showtime
Ban This Movie is a satirical documentary film that was released in 2012, amidst the Emica scandal.

Production Edit

The film was made as a response to Fanning the Flamers, where the people Emica opposed decided to get their point out and give their side as to why the controversy existed. The name of the movie is an in-joke that makes fun of the fact that everything SEI has stated was censored without a second thought.

Reception Edit

The film was better received than Fanning the Flamers. After the film was released, Emica surrendered to the authorities and shut down all of her social media accounts. The film was praised for its honesty and humor.

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