Directed by Elliot Strange
Produced by Elliot Strange
Written by Elliot Strange
Screenplay by Elliot Strange
Story by Owen Emerson

Largo Entertainment

Lakeshore Entertainment

Interscope Communications

Cinergi Pictures

Check Studios
Distributed by Touchstone Pictures
Release date(s) August 16th, 1998
Running time 170 minutes
Country United States/Canada
Language English
Budget $30,000,000
Box office $490,623,176
Belbury is a 1998 psychological horror comedy film directed and produced by Elliot Strange.

The film centers around a group of youths who are sent to a reform school ran out of a German nanny's house, only for them to overpower the nanny and subject her to various forms of torture.

Belbury is considered to be Strange's flagship film, having received positive reviews from critics and being a modest commercial success.

Plot Edit

A nanny (Juliette Lewis, credited as "The Nanny") runs a disciplinary class out of her home. She hardly attracts any business, let alone anyone of interest, which prompts her to advertise her business. She goes to the local market, and she gets the attention of the clerk (Tom Noonan), who claims that he has to put up with unruly youths on a frequent basis. The nanny agrees to deal with the kids and as she leaves the store, she notices the clerk is now unusually happy.

A few days later, the youths arrive at her house. At first, everything goes well, until the nanny berates one of the youths for eating a donut for breakfast. She forces the youth to eat toast with jam and imposes the rule upon the others after they protest her behavior. As the days go on, the nanny continues to berate the youths, and essentially force them to comply to her rules. The nanny is preparing dinner, but as she goes over to bring a pot of gumbo to the table, she trips and lands face first into the pot, leading to the youths grabbing and tying her up.

Now that they have the upper hand, they force feed her donuts, strip her naked and torture her. The youths decide to get something to eat, and the nanny attempts to escape. She frees herself, but she wastes too much time looking for the keys to her car. The youths eventually make it back and attempt to subdue her. Desperate, she runs outside and she steals a car. The youths pursue her and the chase leads them onto the highway. Various people get killed during the chase, and it eventually concludes with the nanny sacrificing herself by driving into a fuel truck.

We soon learn that the events of the film was merely a story getting written by a rebellious youth. Her mother (also played by Lewis) is lambasting her daughter for not finishing her chores, but the daughter doesn't listen. She gets a phone call (revealed to be one of the youths), claiming that she's going to take part in a disciplinary class. She grabs a rope (the same one used on the nanny) from beneath her pillow and she heads downstairs. The film ends as we get more shots of her room, containing references to the youths (the anarchy symbol and various skulls)

Reception Edit

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