Between Friends is a 2019 American animated film based on the Star Vs. The Forces of Evil animated series and the Between Friends porn comic, which is also based on the series.

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When Marco needs a little girl advice, Star is prepared to give him ALL the tips and tricks to pleasing a woman.

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  • Tara Strong as Star Butterfly
  • Brad Pitt as Marco Diaz
  • Morgan Freeman as Narrator
  • David Hasselhoff as Ludo
  • Selena Gomez as Jackie Lynn-Thomas, Sabrina and Pony Head
  • Justin Bieber as Oskar
  • Daron Nefcy as Starfan13
  • Tom Kenny as Ferguson and Alfonzo
  • Adam McArthur as Gustav
  • Angelina Jolie as Brittney
  • Mel Brooks as Toffee
  • Tom Hanks as Buff Frog

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