Blue's Clues: The Movie
Directed By
Mike Johnson
Written By

Johnathan Aibel

Glenn Berger
Screenplay By

Johnathan Aibel

Glenn Berger

Todd Kelssler

Traci Paige Johnson

Steve Burns

Seth O'Hickory

Nick Balaban

Penelope Jewkes

Jenna Marie Castle

Kathryn Avery

Cody Ross Pitts

Stephen Schmidt III

Olivia Zaro

Koyalee Chanda

Jansen Panettiere

LaNae Allen

Brittney Goncalves

Michael Arndt

Johnathan Aibel

Glenn Berger

Clio Chiang

Don Dougherty

Kendelle Hoyer

Brian Kesinger

Nicole Mitchell

Jeremy Spears
Produced By

Mary Parent

Scott Mednick

Shannon George

Donovan Patton
Executive Producer

Josh Appelbaum

Eric Crown

Grant Curtis

André Nemec

Napoleon Smith III

Denis L. Stewart

Galen Walker

Todd Kessler

Traci Paige Johnson

Angela Santomero
Film Editing By
Robby Roberts
Cinematography By
Paul Elliott
Music By
Nick Balaban

Michael Rubin
Music Composed By
Bernard Devlin

J. Walter Hawkes

Paramount Animation

Nick Jr Films

Disruption Entertainment

Out of the Blue Enterprises

Gama Entertainment

Mednick Productions

Handy Dandy Notebook Productions

Killer Actor Pictures
United States
Release Date
May 5, 2017
63 minutes
Distributed By
Paramount Pictures
$30 million
$50.1 million

Blue's Clues: The Movie is a 2017 American animated buddy musical comedy film produced by Nick Jr Films and Paramount Animation and released by Paramount Pictures. The film is directed by Mike Johnson adapted from the 1996 series by a story team led by Michael Arndt. The film stars Traci Paige Johnson, Steve Burns, Seth O'Hickory, Nick Balaban, Penelope Jewkes, Jenna Marie Castle, Kathryn Avery, Cody Ross Pitts, Stephen Schmidt III, Olivia Zaro, Koyalee Chanda, Jansen Panettiere, LaNae Allen and Brittney Goncalves. The Film was Realased on May 5, 2017 And received generally positive reviews and only found modest success at the box office