Opening Logos Edit

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Prologue Edit

The gems, Steven and Connie are in CN City, blindfolded. They're instructed by the Eds to remove them, seeing a bus terminal in front of them.

Eddy: Feast your eyes on the Rose Quartz Universe memorial express!

Amethyst: A bus terminal!?

Ed: Yeah, it came to us by random!

Eddy: What? You don't like it? We just wanted to be nice.

Garnet: We understand. We've understood from the first ten times you've been nice to us.

Eddy: Well what do you expect? You guys- er, girls are like legends.

Pearl: Well we don't want to be treated like legends. We weren't even treated as such back home. As far as anyone knows, we're just like you, we don't need all of these tributes, especially one so... misguided.

Edd: Well, the bus is able to travel through multiple dimensions.

Steven: That's kinda cool, I'll admit. I think it's great you guys like us so much, just tone it down.

Edd: Alright Steven.

Steven: Now let's get on that bus!

*everyone runs to the bus before getting stopped by Bloo*

Bloo: Guys! You won't believe it! Just heard from the network, we could all go back!

Connie: You're kidding.

Edd: I guess the modern toons actually did put a good word in for us.

Eddy: Why wouldn't they? We ARE the network. Without us, there wouldn't be a network.

Ed: But Eddy, the network still existed without us.

Eddy: Ed, shut up.

Blow: The other toons are already on board, so let's go!

*the toons board the bus*

Scene 1: The Bus Edit

Eddy: It's about time we got re-accepted.

Numbuh 2: Heck, maybe we'll get lucky and they'll consider giving Galactic Kids Next Door a shot.

Connie: Can't imagine what it'll be like when the bus takes off.

Chicken: It'll be something along the lines of a high speed take-off.

Announcer: Ready for take-off in 5, 4,

Edd: Brace yourselves!

Announcer: 3, 2, 1, launch.

*the bus launches*

Numbuh 2: Hold on to your underwear!

Scene 2: Gas Station Edit

Edd: Thank heavens that's over. Where are we?

Mac: Looks like some kind of gas station.

Bloo: Great, it's time to get some snacks.

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