Check Studios was also well known for its movies. Along with producing the animation for a majority of the films, the studio also produced special effects for live-action exclusive films. Strange has frequently collaborated with the likes of Randall Emmett, George Furla and Jerry Bruckheimer, and his films were distributed by First Look Media.

Name Release Date Co-producer Distributor Rating
The Hulk Unreleased Vision PDG Triumph Releasing Corporation N/A
D October 2nd, 1995 Largo Entertainment, Bregman/Baer Productions and Interscope Communications Trimark Pictures 56%
Overblood June 6th, 1996 Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Lakeshore Entertainment 20th Century Fox 59%
Clock Tower October 4th, 1997 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Lakeshore Entertainment and Interscope Communications Touchstone Pictures 53%
Belbury August 16th, 1998 Lakeshore Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Interscope Communications HBO Pictures 74%
Enemy Zero September 20th, 1999 Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Interscope Communications and Lakeshore Entertainment Millenium Films 51%
Nikki July 5th, 2000 Newman/Tooley Films, Original Film and Lakeshore Entertainment Imperial Entertainment 63%
Werewolf the Apocalypse: Heart of Gaia October 9th, 2001 Lakeshore Entertainment, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Newman/Tooley Films Millenium Films 59%
Sonic Adventure: Chaos Complex June 2nd, 2002 SEGA of America, Original Film, Newman/Tooley Films, Emmett/Furla Films and Marza Animation Plant Columbia Pictures 68%
The Everlasting Nightmare May 3rd, 2003 Emmett/Furla Films, Newman/Tooley Films, Davis Films and FilmFour First Look Media 61%
Phantasmagoria May 4th, 2004 Newmarket Films, Radar Pictures and Dimension Films Miramax Films 65%
Lyla Lycan March 2nd, 2005 Emmett/Furla Films, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Saturn Films Relativity Media 85%
A Perfect Duo August 5th, 2007
Laney/Novice Productions
ThinkFilm 74%

Non-Production Credits Edit

  • Belbury (remake) (production supervising and funding)

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