Clowns Out of Water is a 1995 American animated/live-action musical comedy adventure film directed by Don Bluth and Steven Spielberg, co-directed by Jimmy New Neutron and released by Amblin Entertainment, Leisure Concepts and Universal Pictures. The film tells the story of Gary (Jack Black), a golden fish who is the Rock star and his best friends, Ronaldo (Larry the Cable Guy), a friendly seahorse, Ball (Bill Farmer), a friendly puffer fish, and 6-leg (Kerry Williams) a friendly octopus.


In New York City, Gary (Jack Black) is a golden fish who lives in a ocean with his friends Ronaldo (Larry the Cable Guy), Ball (Bill Farmer), and 6-leg (Kerry Williams).


  • Jack Black as Gary, the golden fish and the main protagonist of the movie.
  • Larry the Cable Guy as Ronaldo, the seahorse, Gary's best friend and the main deuteragonist of the movie.
  • Bill Farmer as Ball, the puffer fish.
  • Tom Kenny as Hector, the Piranha-like fish and the main antagonist of the movie. In the end, He was killed while is eaten by seagulls.
  • Geoffrey Rush as Nigel, the main seagull who eats Hector at the end.
  • Kerry Williams as 6-leg, the octopus and the main tritagonist of the movie, and Becky, a red eyed pelican who helps Nigel eat Hector.







Deleted ScenesEdit



On October 10, 2003, A theatrical sequel, Clowns Out of Water 2.

Video gameEdit


  • The 1988 film, The Land Before Time, appears in a storybook.

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