D2: The Movie is a movie tie-in to the game of the same name, released in 2003. It came out a month before The Everlasting Nightmare, which was based on D2. D2: The Movie was met with scathing reviews and is often considered to be the worst video game based movie of all time.

Production Edit

Having previously been involved with D: The Series, as well as its pilot film and spin-off film Enemy Zero, Elliot Strange agreed to produce a film based on the final installment in the series, D2. It was going to be released in 2001, with Strange continuing a four picture deal with Sony (with Screen Gems serving as the distributor of the movie). The film was unexpectedly canceled after one of the producers acquired the project and remodeled it in his own image, with the intent of releasing it on his own. Strange maintained his draft of the movie, and after signing a deal with Davis Films and Impact Canada (who helped provide additional funding and filming ground) the film was released in 2003 as The Everlasting Nightmare (due to the D series no longer being relevant.

D2: The Movie was completed within the course of a few months, and was done to promote the producer's intended project based on the D franchise. Due to the failure of the movie, the project was cancelled.

Reception Edit

The film received predominately negative reviews from critics and fans of the game series. Criticism was drawn towards the watered down premise, cliched plot line and shameless promotions over a potential spin-off.

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