Theme Park CharactersEdit

Mickey MouseEdit

Costume variant:

In the 1960s, Mickey has a large head. He has big white eyes with black pimples, and eyebrows in 1959. He has a black body as he was shirtless. He also had large yellow shoes. His hips become rounder in 1992. In 1955, he wears red shorts with big circled buttons.

Minnie MouseEdit

Costume variant:

In the 1970s, she has a larger head with white eyes, black pimples and eyebrows. She has a red bow and yellow dress. In the 1960s, she also had green shoes. Later, Minnie's shirtless with pink shorts with buttons like Mickey. As Minnie's hips become rounder, she had big white bloomers.

Donald DuckEdit

Costume variant: In 1937, his beak is longer and he has thicker legs. In 1996, Donald's eyes become thinner. In 1980, he had a bigger body and a blue sailor shirt with buttons.

Daisy DuckEdit

Costume variant:

In 1996, Daisy's eyes become thinner and her green bow becomes bigger in 1995. She also has a yellow bracelet in her arm. She wears purple shirt and pink shoes in 2002.


Costume variant:


Costume variant:

He made his appearance. He has a happier and friendlier dog. His mouth opened and closed like the articulated head. In the 1970s, he had large white eyes and black pimples. First in the 1980s, his mouth opens and his tongue sticking out. Then in the 1960s, his mouth closed who gives him a mean look.

Chip and DaleEdit

Costume variants:


Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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