F.A.R.T.S the movie is a film created by MkShinx.


  • Terence, a stickguy who wants to make life easier by toilet humor.
  • Ratso, a rat that lurks in the Poopy Whomp house.
  • Shelby, a stickgirl with a tail and wears jeans that are waaaaaay too big.
  • Apphead, a fat guy and the main antagonist. He wants to capture and f**k Shelby. He dies when Ratso stick a thumbtack in his butt
  • Teddy, a bear with a violent imagination.
  • F**ket, a bucket that says the f-word.
  • S**thead, a pile of s**t that can talk!
  • Doig, a homosexual dog
  • Coik, a pussy caat that says bad words.