Filmfan: The Movie is a two-hour movie. Fanon Wiki Movies is planning to make a sequel, "Filmfan 2: The Road to Everest."

Characters Edit

Made-up Characters Edit

Characters based on WikiUsers Edit

Please write a "codename" for you here. This character will be based on YOU. Just write down a "codename" for yourself, and who you are in the film.

  • Sir Basil Herbous (SirBasil): A short man obsessed with Garden Gnomes. He is very rich, and is like an absent-minded professor. He was a friend of Tom Jason's dead father and Dr. Moon.
  • The Yeti (Roaror): A huge white apelike monster who Tom Jason will be searching for in Filmfan 2. He makes an appearance at the post-credits scene, as a man spots a white figure, and says, "Shoot it down". You hear the firing of a gun.


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