Fireboy and Watergirl
Directed by Elliot Strange
Produced by

Elliot Strange

Owen Emerson
Written by Elliot Strange
Story by

Elliot Strange

Owen Emerson
Based on Fireboy and Watergirl series
Music by Owen Emerson
Editing by Elliot Strange

Check Studios

Random Meats Productions
Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Release date(s) TBA
Running time TBA
Country United States
Language English
Fireboy and Watergirl is an upcoming animated film, directed by Elliot Strange (behind the hit TV shows (what is) Film, She-Line and Red Life.) It is based on the flash game series of the same name and it serves as an origin story for the eponymous characters.

The film has entered pre-production and The Weinstein Company will distribute it.

Production Edit

The film will feature a hybrid of 2D and 3D animation, with 3D set-pieces and 2D character models. There would be no dialogue, aside from grunts and other similar sounds and the film would have a strong focus on the source material. Strange has claimed that this would enable the film to be done quicker and provide a more sophisticated approach to modern cinematic animations.

Since Strange's departure, only half of the film was completed, and the rest was done by an entirely new staff.

Fallout Edit

Upon presenting his first draft of the film, The Weinstein Company ordered Strange to rework the entire film in order to make it more mainstream. Strange attempted to get them to reconsider, but they refused, culminating in Strange and Owen Emerson leaving the project and both taking their names off of the project.

Strange has claimed that potential staff members refused to work with him due to his political views and perfectionist attitude.