Flushed Away 2

November 24, 1999 Theater

Flushed Away 2 is a 2019 computer animated sequel film that is the sequel to DreamWorks and Aardman's hit 1995 film Flushed Away.

Sorry, but I'm a jerk that had to erase all information from this storyline. Unfortunately, it carried sensitive information of the government, in which we had to prevent. So if you were wishing for a interesting plot then too bad. Please feel free to ask our email at to send in any question about this inconvenience. Please help me the FBI is after me

Question from Nimitz: You are kidding right?

Cast Edit

  • Hugh Jackman as Roddy
  • Kate Winslet as Rita
  • Liam Neeson as Two Beard
  • Eddie Murphy as Lebron james
  • Shane Richie as Sid
  • Hank Azaria as Pussy
  • Tom Jones as Himself
  • Andy Serkis as spike
  • Bill Nighty as Whitey
  • Ian Mckellen as the toad
  • Jean Reno as Le Frog

Production Edit

The film was announced in 2016, ten years after the release of the first film. The cast has been announced as of November 2016. The returning members are: Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet and Shane Richie. Also announced was the synopsis. Paramount Pictures will distribute the film like they did on the previous film.

Notes Edit

  • In the original story, Roddy and Rita were to return up top and get lost in Paris, and The Toad would be pardoned from prison for revenge on them.
  • Two Beard's voice sounds exactly like Davy Jones from Pirates Of The Caribbean.
  • music: life in the sewer by owl city ft Jessie j, what a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong
  • and the opening scene for this adorable character with Baby Rita
  • MPAA PG: for slapstick action, mild crude and suggestive humor and some british language

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