This movie is about alopecia.

Story Edit

Danielle Parker has always been known for her long hair in her class. However, during Junior year, Daniele, learns that she has alopecia. Danielle, her best friend, Jenna, and her other best friend Sarah all have alopecia as well and they must overcome it.


Miranda Cosgrove- Danielle Parker

Bridget Mendler- Jenna Smith

Ariana Grande- Sarah Snyder

Trivia Edit

  • This movie is rated PG-13 for Language and Nudity
  • Miranda Cosgrove, Bridget Mendler, and Ariana Grande had to shave their entire bodies, along with their heads to fulfill their roles.
  • Uses of language: 5 uses of Hell, Damn, Ass, and Shit. 1 use of Bitch, and 10 uses of Bastard
  • Uses of nudity: Danielle, Jenna, and Sarah shave each other nude, Danielle runs around a forest nude in the beginning of the movie, Jenna is constantly naked, and Sarah swims naked.

Actress Trivia (Miranda Cosgrove) Edit

  • Miranda has stated she will do a sequel, and wouldn't mind shaving again

Actress Trivia (Bridget Mendler) Edit

  • Bridget has stated that a sequel was in the works, so she used a hair product to make her bald forever, and wears wigs
  • Bridget has also stated that her character, while always nude, was one of her favorite roles.

Actress Trivia (Ariana Grande) Edit

  • Ariana did the movie, unwillingly knowing she would have to shave her head. She loved the production of the movie, but stated that she wouldn't do a sequel. She said that Victoria Justice was her backup role, and Victoria has stated she would do the sequel if Ariana wouldn't fulfill the role.

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