Harvest Entertainment is a film company based in Carlisle, Cumbria. The company was founded in 1993 by Owen Emerson, Elliot Corning, Brian Grispon and Carter Galliard. Harvest's films were originally made for television and were distributed by HBO, but in 2000, the company expanded to cinema. The company later expanded to places like New South Wales (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Oslo (Norway), Seoul (South Korea), Warsaw (Poland), Ontario (Canada) and Los Angeles, California. The company also managed the independent label Lantern Features, which was sold off to Lionsgate.

Distributor history Edit

United States Edit

Home Box Office (1993-1999)

Screen Gems (2000-2004)

Dimension Films (2005-2008)

Warner Bros. Pictures (2015-)

Canada Edit

Alliance Atlantis (1999-2007)

Alliance Films (2007-2013)

Filmography Edit

  • By the Call of the Dial (1993)
  • Child of the Cosmos (1994)
  • Maggots (1995)
  • The Lair (1996)
  • Damned Duo (1997)
  • The Attic (1998)
  • Just Dennis (1999)
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (2000)
  • Don't Look Down (2001)
  • Where No One Could Hear You (2002)
  • OTI (2003)
  • Belbury (2004)
  • David (2005)
  • Radiated (2006)
  • Joe and Petunia (2007)
  • Control Freaks (2008)
  • Cartoon Cartoons Unite (2014)
  • Cartoon Cartoons Unite 2: Back to the Network (2015)
  • Cartoon Cartoons Unite III: Toons in the Sky (2016)

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