Cop Out 2 : Heat Off Action-comedy 2016 film Carla Bodden and Tom Cruise..,,
Cop Out 2 : Heat Off
Fuck You Asshole!!!
Directed By

Tom Cruise (co-director) and Arley Swaby (director)

Phil Lord (director)
Narrated By
Cop Out Based On This Film By Stan Lee
Written By

Bruce Willis (writer) and

Neal H. Nortiz (co-writer)
Music By
Mark Mothersbaugh (formerly) Arley Swaby (performed)
Warner Bros. (formerly)
Untied States
Release Date
June 12, 2016 (U.S) and (U.K)
Filming Location

Tampa Florida , Untied States Cop Station., Ohio , Untied States

British Colombia ,

Cast Edit

  • Carla Bodden As, Lt. Emily Jackson (née Gallows) ex-wife of Lt. Toby.,
  • Tom Cruise As, Lt. Toby Jackson , Jr. Ex-husband of Lt. Emily.,
  • Johnny Depp As, Eric Jackson Gallows.., Ex-partner of Emily., and stepbrother of Toby.
  • Arley Swaby As, Director / himself .,, (rumored)
  • Coralyn Powell As, Professor Jennifer Lynch (villain)..,,