Hotel Transylvania 3 is a third sequel to Hotel Transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2, It will premiere on next halloween 2016.

Voice CastEdit

Adam Sandler - as Dracula, nicknamed Drac.

Andy Samberg - as Jonathan

Selena Gomez - as Mavis

Drake Bell - as Dennis (main protagonist)

Kevin James - as Frankenstein nicknamed Frankie.

Steve Buscemi - as Wayne

David Spade - as Griffin

Keegan-Michael Key - as Murray

Mel Brooks - as Vlad

Kathy Najimy - as Angela

Fran Drescher - as Eunice

Molly Shannon - as Wanda

Nick Offerman - as Mike

Megan Mullally - as Linda

Jennette McCurdy - as Winnie (deuteragonist)

Jamie Lee Curtis - as Lucy (main antagonist)

Rob Riggle - as Bela (secondary antagonist)

Jonny Solomon - as Blobby

Robert Smigel - as Marty

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