NOTE: This is an I Am The Cheese parody.

I Am Coo is a 2016 clay-animated film. Due to Blue Sky starting their 3-film-deal in that year, this is one of all of the movies. The movie is written and directed by Matt Ember, co-directed by Karen Disher, produced by John Cohen, and the movie's score is composed by Alexandre Desplat.

Due to Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory, Columbia's The Angry Birds, and Warner Animation Group's Storks being released, I Am Coo will be released December 30th in theaters, and on March 7th on DVD.

A sneak peek for 2017's Blur 2 was attached to the film.

Trivia Edit

A toy of his owner, Kirby, is seen in his room.

Subway has a kids meal based on the movie.

A statue of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons can be seen at one point.

He appears in his Kirby & The Rainbow Curse appearance.

Rating Edit

I am Coo is the sixth Blue Sky film with a G-rating.