Plot Edit

IceJJFish is an uprising rapper who tries to become a mainstream success, however within the music industries other singers are affraid that he will take their places as the most famous singer in the world. so they make sure his career wil lcrumble down. later IceJJFish is met with MattyB who is in a similar situation to IceJJFish and the two join forces to get rid of the mainstream singers in the music industries.

Cast Edit

  • IceJJFish as himself
  • MattyB as himself
  • ? as Justin Bieber
  • ? as Taylor Swift
  • ? as Katty Perry
  • ? as Nicki Minaj
  • ? as Whiz Khalifa
  • ? as Kanye West
  • ? as Kim Kardashian
  • ? as Bruno Mars
  • Jacob Satorius as himself

Reception Edit

The movie has been widely panned by critics for its bizzare acting, painfully long execution of the plot and lazy editing.

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