In The Blood Cuts Mission Action, Crime, film Starring By WWE Superstar (Scotty Moore Jr.).,,
In The Blood : Cuts Mission
Lost My Wife!!!., WATCH OUT !!!
Directed By

Paul W.S Anderson (director)

Carla Macvicar (co-director)
Written By

Frank Marshall (writer)

Jennifer Aniston (writer)

Scotty Moore Jr.

Marguerite Ly Tong

Eric Ly Tong

Andy High
Music By
50 Cent

David Beckley

Blue Royals
Untied States
English (U.S)
Release Date

June 2, 2016 (U.S)

July 26, 2016 (U.K)
Filming Location

Cuba , Havana Miami Florida , Untied States

California , Simi Valley , Untied States
Rated R
Distributed By
Universal Studios
Based on
In The Blood : Revenge (comic Book)


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