Inanimate Insanity: Far From Home
Directed By
Cary Huang
Written By
Allison Macri
Produced By
Adam Katz
Executive Producer
Mark Katz
Film Editing By
Music By
Brian Koch
Music Composed By
Taylor Grodin
United States


Release Date
19 May 2016
95 minutes

Inanimate Insanity: Far From Homeis an Inanimate Insanity movie created by Adam Katz in 2016.

DVD Description Edit

"Sometimes, friends can be found in the most unlikely places! When Baloon is kidnapped and taken into outer space, he meets Star, an aspiring singer who's stuck with being an Intergalactic News Reporter. The two of them become friends, but Balloon sorely misses home, and Star is frustrated with her father constantly keeping her doing a job she hates. But when a supernova threatens Star's hometown, the two have to learn that sometimes, all you need is a good friend."

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