(The trailer starts with the music, Hans Zimmer - Time, withing the greatest person in the world, who knows that was named Jetix.)

Announcer: The Darkness will rise

(As silhouette they see the flying pixing.)

Announcer: Others will never fall.

(From different silhouette in heaven.)

Announcer: Beyond wild to the dead over again.

(An silhouette discover the new characters call "Horror".)

Announcer: For years will be return in 2018, they are no longer to be series about time and the couraged have been change.

(Blood rains appear in the galaxy.)

Announcer: The ones have to kill by the ancient deamon and will be revenge to taked over all worlds.

(Cedric grap Jetix and Wetix to learn explain.)

  • Cedric: Heheheh,, I hope you see doing, for crisis.

Announcer: JetixWorld.

(The movie title flips over into "In 4D". Words from any cast of Jetix Characters. The screen switch to "In Theaters June 17, 2018 in 4D, Digital 4D and Real D 4D" with "Also playing in 4DX" below. The screen immediately cuts to banner of Alliance and Horde as the trailer ends.)