King Cecil the Monkey-Dog-Bat is a Microsoft Paint film released in 2015.


The movie begins with Kolobi hearing someone cry. It was a monkey-dog-bat. Kolobi decides to adopt the monkey-dog-bat and name it Cecil. 5 years past, and Cecil was interested in being king, but Kolobi says to do so, he has to defeat the white wolf, and Mirage says he's not old enough. That night, Cecil pretends he has to go to the bathroon, and sneaks to the white wolf's cave. Eventually, the three notice, and so they left to search for Cecil. When Cecil arrives, it challenges the white wolf to battle, which the albino canine accepts. When the Swordfighters arrive, the two are already in battle. Big Guy tries to stop the battle, but Kolobi tells him that he'll get hurt. Eventually, the white wolf knocks out Cecil. The 3 see Cecil knocked out and start to cry. The next day, Cecil finds himself at the hospital, with Kolobi pulling the needles out. When Cecil was all better, the Swordfighters were all talking about the battle. At the same time, a crying Cecil says to himself that he was a big loser, all because he lost the battle. A bat named Samu-Samu cheers him up, saying that it's okay to not win sometimes.