Lantern Features was started by Harvest Entertainment as a specialty label in leau of companies like Fine Line Features, Picturehouse and Warner Independent Pictures in 2005. The company only released two films during the time Harvest ran the company before becoming dormant in 2009. The company was reorganized as an independent label, where anyone could pitch ideas and make their own films, and it became active following the release of Cartoon Cartoons Unite 2: Back to the Network and the controversy around the movie's plot. Following the release of an additional film, Lantern was sold to Lionsgate. Following the release of Hey Arnold The Jungle Movie, Lantern was shut down for good. All of the films released by the company were critical and commercial failures.

Filmography Edit

  • The Boy Who Wanted to Fly (2007)
  • High School Zombie Attack (2008)
  • A Cartoon Cartoons Christmas (2014)
  • Cartoon Cartoons Unite 2: Fixed Edition (2015)
  • Cartoon Cartoons Avenge Teen Titans (2015)
  • Toddler Titans Get Pwned (2015)
  • Cartoon Cartoons Fight for Cartoon Network (2015)
  • Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie (2016)

Reception Edit

Harvest received minimal input in regards to films being made by Lantern. Films released by the company have received extremely negative reviews and were failures at the box office.

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