This is the list of The Minimighty Kids episodes.

Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Season Premiere Season Finale
1 27 September 22, 2006 July 28, 2007
2 24 September 5, 2008 June 7, 2011
3 27 June 14, 2011 March 22, 2013


Season 1 (2006–07)Edit


No. in

Episode Title

Directed By

Written By


1 1 "Beware the Monster Slime" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani September 22, 2006
Teaser: A bitter sewer worker merges with a slime mold and turns into a monster who attempts to smother the surface dwellers in slime.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Igor always has mucus on his nose. He has the power of supermucus.
Heroes: Supersniffle/Igor
Villains: Monster Slime/Emmanuel
2 2 "Invisible Shadow Caster" Art Baltazar Mike Norton September 29, 2006
Teaser: As a child, Benedict Uno lived in fear of his own father and was obedient to him. When his brother Monty Uno decided to rebel against Grandfather, Benedict insisted that he would stand no chance against his power, and, as a result of his cowardice, did not join his brother in the uprising, which ultimately did prove successful.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Oliver is too unobtrusive and shy. He becomes invisible.
Heroes: Superinvisible/Oliver
Villains: Mr. Shadow/Wile & The Shadow Person
3 3 "It's Gotta Be the Arctiguana" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley October 1, 2006
Teaser: A crazed basketball player creates a plague-like Athlete's Foot epidemic using his new brand of popular running shoes.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Jerry’s feet stink no matter what he does…
Heroes: Superstinkyfeet/Jerry
Villains: Arctiguana/Hook
4 4 "Who Framed Jerome the Rabbit" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Tim Seeley
October 8, 2006
Teaser: Not much is known about Boingo. However, the reason for his evil, sadistic side is because of him becoming fed up with being the lowest, hard-working animal of the Big Bad Forest and having to answer to everyone else. He reveals this to Dolph when they are in Boingo's lair.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Jerome just can’t say NO. when somebody asks him to do something and he says YES… the person who asked is the person who does it.
Heroes: Superyes/Jerome
Villains: Bad Hat/Boingo
5 5 "The Scream of Fear" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Greg Weisman
October 15, 2006
Teaser: A screaming face with two hands holding the jaw and cheeks in fear.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Bernie has a ridiculously high falsetto voice. He changes the voice of whomever he wishes whenever he wishes.
Heroes: Superkillerscream/Bernie
Villains: Ghostface/Frank
6 6 "This Is Hip Hop" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley
& Greg Weisman
October 22, 2006
Teaser: Fierce and feisty, our hip-hop dancewear is an urbanista's dream!
Main Plot/Superpowers: Charles Edward stutters. He can rap like nobody alive and can sweep everybody up into his groove.
Heroes: Supermotormouth/Charles Edward
Villains: Hip Hop Cool/Vinnie
7 7 "Fart-Burp-Belch Digestive Health" Art Baltazar Jim Rugg October 29, 2006
Teaser: Whether it feels like there's sand in your eye or you're bothered by excessive burping, listen to what your body is trying to tell you.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Greg farts all the time. when he farts Greg can leap tall buildings with a single bound.
Heroes: Superfart/Greg
Villains: The Monster Burp/Eduardo
8 8 "Big and Small" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Greg Weisman
November 5, 2006
Teaser: The deals with concepts of "big" and "small" for young kids to appreciate the difference between the size of objects.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Yvan is, well, very short. change the size of things.
Heroes: Supermini/Yvan
Villains: Big Giant/Bonejangles
9 9 "Earthquake Rumble" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Tim Seeley
November 12, 2006
Teaser: Earthquakes are sudden rolling or shaking events caused by movement under the earth's surface.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Renatus knocks over and breaks everything. fix things when he knocks them over… like a film you run backward.
Heroes: Superclumsy/Renatus
Villains: Earthquake/Carradine
10 10 "The Colors of Evil" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Cecil Castellucci
November 19, 2006
Teaser: The Good Colors, Evil Colors trope as used in popular culture.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Mary blushes as red as a beet. give anything she wants the color she wants.
Heroes: Supertomato/Mary
Villains: Colored Pencil Instruction/Nell
11 11 "The Evil Eye" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Cecil Castellucci
December 31, 2006
Teaser: The Hamsa, a charm made to ward off the evil eye.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Eleanor wears enormous glasses. she can use her glasses to see through walls.
Heroes: Superfoureyes/Eleanor
Villains: The Hamsa/Cindy
12 12 "The Marionette" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Tim Seeley
January 14, 2007
Teaser: It has a long body, white stripes on its long arms and legs, and a long neck.They also has their white mask that constantly smiles.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Ian has nervous twitches. he can connect himself to the person or persons of his choice… and as soon as he makes the slightest movement the persons he’s…
Heroes: Supertwitch/Ian
Villains: Adventure Marionette/Dave
13 13 "The Dentistry" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Cecil Castellucci
January 21, 2007
Teaser: It's not really the dentist people hate, it's the stuff they do.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Monica has metal braces on her teeth. by smiling she can have an effect on metals, and move metallic objects from far off.
Heroes: Supermetalteeth/Monica
Villains: Whitby Dentist/Betty
14 14 "Attack of the Prying Eyes" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Cecil Castellucci
January 28, 2007
Teaser: They couldn't conceal the information from prying eyes.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Zoe is definitely cross-eyed. she can increase the number of everything she sees.
Heroes: Supercrossedeyes/Zoe
Villains: Prying Eyes/Lammy
15 15 "Fear of Holes" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Tim Seeley
February 4, 2007
Teaser: The existence of bad hole is usually determined by a caliper log and on various secondary measurements such as delta rho.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Teddy has pimples on his face. he can make huge bubbles by pushing down on his pimples.
Heroes: Superpimple/Teddy
Villains: Bad Hole/Wayne
16 16 "Ringing the Ears" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Greg Weisman
February 25, 2007
Teaser: Tinnitus is the medical term for a ringing or buzzing noise in the ears.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Tony has big ears that stick out. a sense of hearing that picks up everything.
Heroes: Superelephantears/Tony
Villains: Ringing the Ears/Monk
17 17 "Western Nose" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Greg Weisman
March 4, 2007
Teaser: The player controls Rusty, a steam-powered robot who is equipped with a pickaxe, but can gain access to a variety of tools, such as a drill and dynamite.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Enrico has a nose that is… huge. He can breathe in or out so strongly that he can either create a storm or a vacuum that will suck in everything.
Heroes: Superbignose/Enrico
Villains: Robot Skeleton Cowboy/Everglot
18 18 "The Boxing Match" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Greg Weisman
March 18, 2007
Teaser: Want to know what fights are on the horizon?
Main Plot/Superpowers: Little Louis has no strength. he becomes super strong…
Heroes: Superstrong/Little Louis
Villains: Giant Inflatable/Puglowski
19 19 "The President of the United States" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley
& Greg Weisman
April 1, 2007
Teaser: The entire rat population to be killed off so he can make room for his hundreds of offspring.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Cap-wearing Jimbo is fat. he becomes light as a feather.
Heroes: Superfat/Jimbo
Villains: The Toad/President Toad
20 20 "The Swamp Monster" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley
& Greg Weisman
April 28, 2007
Teaser: The Swamp Beast seamlessly blends folklore and fact to cover the murky yet fertile field of American swamp monsters.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Timmy is sticking his fingers up his nose all the time. Timmy succeeds in everything he undertakes… as long as he has his fingers up his nose.
Heroes: Supernosepicker/Timmy
Villains: Swamp Monster/Cooper
21 21 "The Headless" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley
& Greg Weisman
May 12, 2007
Teaser: Learn what "headless" website architecture is (aka decoupled architecture) and why it's gaining traction and popularity.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Jean-Louis is completely scatterbrained. he can detach his head from his body.
Heroes: Superairhead/Jean-Louis
Villains: Headless/Francis
22 22 "Bad Breath" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Tim Seeley
May 19, 2007
Teaser: Bad breath odors vary, depending on the source or the underlying cause.
Main Plot/Superpowers: As soon as Pablo opens his mouth it’s get outta there fast! with one breath he can freeze everything and anything over.
Heroes: Superstinkybreath/Pablo
Villains: Eliminate Bad Breath/Goobot
23 23 "The Carnies" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley
& Greg Weisman
June 2, 2007
Teaser: 46 days before the Easter festival.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Jimmy’s gags are the unfunniest in the world. all he has to do is say one word, make the slightest face, and everybody around him cracks up.
Heroes: Superjoker/Jimmy
Villains: Carnival Boss/Daffy
24 24 "The Stringbean" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Greg Weisman
June 23, 2007
Teaser: Stringbean coffee is a St. Louis independently owned coffee roaster selling fair trade and swiss water process whole bean coffee and subscriptions.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Martin is as thin as a rail. he can become even thinner: like as thin as a playing card.
Heroes: Superstringbean/Martin
Villains: Stringbean/Akeman
25 25 "The Lateness" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani
& Cecil Castellucci
July 12, 2007
Teaser: Why is chronic lateness such a trap?
Main Plot/Superpowers: Olivia is always late. she’s able to go back in time.
Heroes: Superlate/Olivia
Villains: Job/Mr. Beliarge
26 26 "The Leader" Art Baltazar Tim Seeley
& Greg Weisman
July 21, 2007
Teaser: Three kids are playing in the snow when they find a giant snowman.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Simon is supersensitive to the cold. he can raise the temperature on his body to oven strength (his skin gets all red where he heats it up).
Heroes: Superbuttfreeze/Simon
Villains: Headless Snowman/Higginson
27 27 "The House of Screams" Art Baltazar Franco Aureliani,
Jim Rugg
& Tim Burton
July 28, 2007
Teaser: Warlocks are a breed of evil magical beings descended from the first witch Neena and her mate, who gained their powers from the All.
Main Plot/Superpowers: Johnny is afraid of everything. Johnny can turn himself into a monster.
Heroes: Superscaredycat/Johnny
Villains: Evil Warlock/Hopper

Season 2 (2008–11)Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
28 1 "Superbigfeet" September 6, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Roberta has huge feet.
  • His power: she has an air cushion under her feet.
29 2 "Superglu" September 7, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Annabelle sticks to you like glue.
  • His power: she can spray glue with her.
30 3 "Supermush" September 20, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Arthur is slower than molasses.
  • His power: he can become as soft and flexible as molasses.
31 4 "Supermagic" September 27, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Antonio is very clumsy.
  • His power: he becomes unbelievably agile.
32 5 "Supermessyhair" October 4, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Vanessa’s hairdo is super spiky.
  • His power: she can make hair grow anyplace on anybody she chooses.
33 6 "Supertattletell" October 11, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Randy is an awful tattletale.
  • His power: Instead of telling on people he accuses himself of everything, and is never punished.
34 7 "Superchatterbox" November 1, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Mary Lou is a real chatterbox.
  • His power: Everything she says is written down on sheets of paper.
35 8 "Supercheapskate" November 8, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Nikky shares nothing, lends nothing, gives nothing away.
  • His power: When he gives, he gets back twice as much.
36 9 "Superhiccup" November 15, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Max hiccups all the time.
  • His power: His hiccups make everything freeze up.
37 10 "Superdizzy" November 22, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Bob has vertigo.
  • His power: he becomes a great tightrope walker.
38 11 "Superidontlikeit" November 29, 2008
  • His shortcoming: Lenny is a moaner and groaner, a real bellyacher.
  • His power: he says, “I don’t like it..” and his wish is granted.
39 12 "Supergreedy" January 22, 2009
  • His shortcoming: Lulu is really greedy, with a sweet tooth into the bargain.
  • His power: He turns everything into sugar and candy.
40 13 "Supertall" February 27, 2009
  • His shortcoming: Roy is a tall, skinny guy, a real stringbean.
  • His power: he can make everybody grow tall.
41 14 "Supershowoff" September 6, 2010
  • His shortcoming: Alex is an out-and-out show-off.
  • His power: he becomes everything he says he is.
42 15 "Superlicehead" October 4, 2010
  • His shortcoming: Margot is a real lice head.
  • His power: she becomes a louse trainer.
43 16 "Supergetupandgo" October 11, 2010
  • His shortcoming: Roger is always exhausted.
  • His power: He’s full of get up and go!
44 17 "Supertreehunger" October 18, 2010
  • His shortcoming: Eva takes on the cause of “nature” too passionately.
  • His power: she has control over flora.
45 18 "Supersinker" October 25, 2010
  • His shortcoming: Peter’s afraid of water and doesn’t know how to swim.
  • His power: he can breathe under water as much as he wants.
46 19 "Superniceguy" May 3, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Henry is mean.
  • His power: he becomes a really nice guy…
47 20 "Superlisp" May 10, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Josephina lisps.
  • His power: she can saw up everything in pieces when she lisps.
48 21 "Supergrotty" May 17, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Robby is always disgustingly filthy.
  • His power: He has the power to clean things instantaneously.
49 22 "Supercrybaby" May 24, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Mary-Ann cries at the drop of a hat.
  • His power: when she cries she can start it raining, draw lightning, brew up a storm…
50 23 "Superbadmouther" May 31, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Carmen the weasel badmouths everybody.
  • His power: everything she says, happens.
51 24 "Superwheels" June 7, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Elizabeth’s in a wheelchair.
  • His power: she can teleport herself…

Season 3 (2011–13)Edit

No. in
Title Original airdate
52 1 "Superslacker" June 14, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Jake is lazy.
  • His power: Il has the power of telekinesis.
53 2 "Superbrown-noser" June 21, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Enzo is a brown-noser!
  • His power: he becomes a basic rebel.
54 3 "Superclean" June 28, 2011
  • His shortcoming: Natille is fanatical about cleanliness.
  • His power: she can generate magic soap bubbles.
55 4 "Superjealous" April 27, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Jade is horribly jealous.
  • His power: her hands become like magnets and attracts everything she wants to her.
56 5 "Superihatemyself" May 18, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Ashley is really hung up.
  • His power: she becomes whatever she thinks of herself.
57 6 "Supercopycat" June 13, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Sammy does everything the same way his friends do.
  • His power: he can change himself into whatever he wants.
58 7 "Supersweat" July 6, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Jerrold sweats enormously.
  • His power: he can make water flow out of his hands.
59 8 "Superpest" July 13, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Lily is a real pest.
  • His power: She transforms herself into a little devil whose pitchfork turns anybody she prods with it into…”a real pest”.
60 9 "Supermess" July 20, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Felix is incredibly messy.
  • His power: if he snaps his fingers everything gets put away where it should be immediately.
61 10 "Superspit" August 17, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Pedro spits and sputters all over the place.
  • His power: his spit opens up walls.
62 11 "Superidonthavethenerve" August 24, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Lucy doesn’t dare do anything for fear of making a mistake.
  • His power: nothing can stop her!
63 12 "Supertopoftheclass" August 31, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Richard is the best in everything but doesn’t accept the status of being first in his class.
  • His power: his skills in arithmetic equal those of any computer.
64 13 "Supergullible" September 21, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Fred believes anything you tell him.
  • His power: Anything he believes, happens.
65 14 "Supernosy" September 28, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Camillia is more curious than any cat.
  • His power: she knows everything about anything she wants to know.
66 15 "Supervideogame" October 19, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Kenny is totally hooked on video games.
  • His power: He can steer the real world around like a video game.
67 16 "Superafraidofthedark" October 26, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Sally is afraid of the dark.
  • His power: she can see in the dark.
68 17 "Superbuckteeth" November 2, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Geraldine’s front teeth are disproportionately huge.
  • His power: he can cut through anything she wants with her teeth.
69 18 "Superbadsport" November 9, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Matt can’t stand losing.
  • His power: he wins all the time.
70 19 "Superliar" November 16, 2012
  • His shortcoming: George is a complete and utter liar.
  • His power:He transforms his life, his house, into amazing things.
71 20 "Superspeed" November 23, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Stanley is always hyper.
  • His power: he can send out a ray that slows down time.
72 21 "Superme" November 30, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Andy is a total egocentric and totally selfish.
  • His power: change others into himself.
73 22 "Superdardevil" December 28, 2012
  • His shortcoming: Paco is an incorrigible daredevil.
  • His power: he can change himself into a real live airbag.
74 23 "Superstylish" January 18, 2013
  • His shortcoming: Flora is a total fashion victim.
  • His power: all she has to do is touch a magazine photo, and she becomes dressed up just like the model in the photo.
75 24 "Superatchooo" January 25, 2013
  • His shortcoming: Ronald is allergic to everything.
  • His power: each time he sneezes he causes a devastating tornado.
76 25 "Supertumble" February 8, 2013
  • His shortcoming: Jonathan is always falling flat on his face.
  • His power: he turns into rubber man.
77 26 "Superpacifist" February 15, 2013
  • His shortcoming: Hugo is a convinced pacifist.
  • His power: he has a tube of soap bubbles that makes everybody nice.
78 27 "Superunlucky" March 22, 2013
  • His shortcoming: Mona has incredibly bad luck.
  • His power: she becomes the luckiest person of all.
  • Note: Series finale.

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