McDonaldland: The Movie is a 1985 American fantasy comedy film directed by Jerry Rees. It is based on McDonald's commercials "McDonaldland". This film is rating G. It is released on February 8, 1985 by Columbia Pictures. The movie was box office bomb ($2,623,740). The film has a 52% "Rotten" rating at Rotten Tomatoes.


The film opens up with Ronald McDonald was walking to the his friend's party. The Dr. P (main antagonist of this film) was walking to his house but he find a portal which sends him to McDonaldland. Ronald was going home but he kidnapped by Dr. P in Last Night. in Morning, Ronald's friends wake up and going to wake up Ronald McDonald But He Went Missing, Ronald's friends try to found Ronald, Grimace and Birdie Founded a portal with New York City. So, Ronald's friends sends to New York City.


  • Squire Fridell as Ronald McDonald
  • TBA as Hamburglar
    • Howard Morris as Hamburglar (voice)
  • Patti Saunders as Grimace
    • Frank Welker as Grimace (voice)
  • Brian Meehl as Mayor McCheese
    • Howard Morris as Mayor McCheese (voice)
  • Charles Durning as Dr. P