Notch decided to make a one season villager spin off called villager life. Nothing is known about it other than the network is CN and the episodes.

  1. The day of a villager
  2. The wither
  3. Zombie invasion
  4. Ghast attack
  5. Welcome back Steve ( 1 hour special)
  6. The death of villager #1
  7. The movie (2 hours)
  8. The new update
  9. The end (part 1)
  10. The end (part 2)
  11. The end (full)
  12. Now for some scraped planned episodes
  13. The death of villager #1
  14. villager ( Logan parody)
  15. The iron golems death
  16. The death of steve
  17. The next zombie invasion
  18. The murder
  19. The end (part 3)
  20.  ?

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