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Star Zero is a crossover, OVA four-part movie made by ADV Films. This is the first movie made with Nintendo and the first ADV film, since 2009.


Role Voice Actor (English) Voice Actor (Japanese)
Fox McCloud Steve Malpass Junichi Kanemaru
Captain Falcon David Wills Ryo Hirokawa
Falco Lombardi Martin Burke Masami Kikuchi
Blood Falcon Banjou Ginga
Wolf O'Donnell Edwin Neal Takeshi Kusao
Black Shadow Norio Wakamoto
Peppy Hare Bill Wise Koji Yusa
Samurai Goroh Yasunobu Iwata
Slippy Toad Sascha Biesi Ryo Hirohashi
Jody Summer Kikuko Inoue
Krystal Lainie Frasier Hekiru Shiina
Lisa Brilliant Mayumi Asano
Leon Powalski Gary Dehan Kazuki Hayashi
Rick Wheeler

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