Noonbory the Movie is a 2017 Canadian-Korean computer-animated fantasy adventure film produced by Nick Jr Films and Paramount Animation and released by Paramount Pictures. The film is Directed by Wook Jung adapted from the 2009 series by a story team led by Betty Quan. The film stars Brent Hirose, Frank Welker, Abagil Breslin, Mackenzie Foy, Margaux Miller, Markian Tarasuik, Jacob Tremblay and Kevin Aichele. The Film was Released on January 27, 2017 and received generally positive reviews and only found modest success at the box office
Noonbory the Movie
Directed By
Wook Jung
Written By

Andrew Nicholls

Darrell Vickers
Screenplay By

Andrew Nicholls

Darrell Vickers

Sung-Wook Jang

Brent Hirose

Frank Welker

Abagil Breslin

Mackenzie Foy

Margaux Miller

Markian Tarasuik

Jacob Tremblay

Kevin Aichele

Betty Quan

Andrew Nicholls

Darrell Vickers

Clio Chiang

Don Dougherty

Kendelle Hoyer

Brian Kesinger

Nicole Mitchell

Jeremy Spears
Produced By

Wook Jung

Sung-Wook Jang

Chun-Woo Lee

Wolf Kim

Changki Lee

Jennifer Picherack

Ronald A. Weinberg
Executive Producer

Wook Jung

Hyun Dong Ahn

Wook-Ho Ham

Bul-kyung Kim

Michael Hirsh

Toper Taylor

Pamela Slavin

John Vandervelde

Mary Flynn
Film Editing By
Paul Hunter
Music By

Paramount Animation

Nick Jr Films

N Circle Entertainment

Method Animation

BBC Films

Daewon Media

Knowledge: Kids

Cookie Jar Group


South Korea
Release Date
January 27, 2017
63 minutes
Distributed By
Paramount Pictures
$30 million
$50.1 million

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