Oink Boy
Directed by Elliot Strange
Produced by

Bob Weinstein Harvey Weinstein

Elliot Strange
Written by Elliot Strange
Screenplay by Owen Emerson
Story by Elliot Strange

Bryan Cranston

Katey Segal

Check Studios Savoy Pictures

Miramax Films
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) February 23rd, 1995
Running time 145 minutes


United States
Budget $1,200,000
Box office $2,342,567
Oink Boy is a fantasy family film released in 1995. It's the directorial debut of Elliot Strange.

Plot Edit

Production Edit

This was the first movie to be produced by Check Studios. It was made as part of a deal with Savoy Pictures, but due to Savoy declaring bankruptcy a year after the release of the film, the deal couldn't be kept.

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