Pokémon Black and Blue: The Movie is a movie made by MkShinx's pictures and PETA pictures. It is based on the video game.
Pokémon Black and Blue: The Movie
File:Pokémon Black and Blue Poster.png
It's the battle between Pokémon versus trainer!
Music Composed By
PG-13 for violence and some language


One day, Pikachu was constantly fed up about Pokémon being in pokéballs. He strolled into town, but then Cheren stopped him. Pikachu battled her, and Pikachu won. Then, a Tepig named Bacon joined Pikachu along. Then Pikachu and Bacon continued strolling, and they found a treasure chest. It had a sad video in it, which caused the two to close it. Professor Juniper saw the two, and Pikachu and Bacon battled the professor, and the professor lost. Then an Oshawott named Ian joined the group. then a wild Snorlax appears, and Pikachu, Bacon, and Ian told Snorlax that they were trying to stop humans from capturing the Pokémon. Snorlax gave them a second treasure chest, and it had training cards in it. Bacon put them in his pocket. Then the three saw a beautiful Snivy named Sni, and she joined the group. Then Ghetsis saw the four, and Pikachu, Bacon, Ian, and Sni battled him, and the four won. Then, they found a third treasure chest, and it had some T-shirts that said "Lover, not a fighter!" The four put on T-shirts, and Slowpoke came by told the four that he liked their T-shirts. The four thanked him, but Ash appeared. He battled Ian, and Ash slashed him with his sharp knife. Ian then dies in Pikachu's arms. Pikachu, Bacon, and Sni avenged him with Snorlax, Mudkip, and Slowpoke, and the six all battled Ash, and Ash lost the battle. Ash reforms, and they supported Team Plasma. After that, everyone was at Ian's funeral. Everyone was crying, until they saw cloud that is shaped like an Oshawott. It was Ian, and he congratulated everyone for free in the Pokémon.


  • Pikachu
  • Bacon, a Tepig
  • Sni, a Snivy
  • Ian, an Oshawott
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Cheren
  • Ghetsis
  • Proffesor Juniper
  • Mudkip
  • Snorlax
  • Slowpoke


There is a sequel called Pokémon: Red, White, and Blue

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