Return of the Guardians is a sequel to Rise of the Guardians


Years later, Jamie is a teenager and all his friends believe that what happend with the guardians was just a dream. Jamie still belives that they exist, but he keeps it a secret, so that people won't make fun of him. He is dating his childhood friend, Pippa. Jamie, graduates from high school and decides to go to New York. He decides that, now that he is 18, he should stop beliving in the gaurdians.

Jack Frost, who lives in Antarctica, sees that on the globe, the lights are flickering. He goes around the world to make snow, but he sees that all of the children are having nightmares. We, then, see that Tooth's faires are stolen along with the teeth, Sandy's good dreams are turned into nightmares, and Bunnymund's eggs and North's toys are destroyed. Jack goes back to Antarctica, where he finds Pitch and his nightmares looking for Jack's staff. Pitch takes Jack's staff and tries to freeze him. He freezes most of him, except for his arms. It turns out that Jack can take away the ice and snow almost as well as he freezes stuff. He takes the staff away and and causes the ice to explode. He accidentally drops the staff and lands in the antarctic ocean. Jack almost drowns, but is swallod by a whale.

Jamie is attacked by Pitch and when Jack rescues him He dies. 

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