The Rise of Madi Shinx is a film by Madi Shinx based on The Madi Shinx Show. In this movie, Madi Shinx dies, and the gang has to bring her back to life.
The Rise of Madi Shinx
One hero dies. More will rise for her.
Directed By
Madi Shinx
Written By
Madi Shinx
Executive Producer
Madi Shinx
88 minutes
Distributed By
Angry Pilgrim Films
Based on
The Madi Shinx Show



It was just another ordinary day at the house, but Deliverboy comes to Madi Shinx's house and says that there is a bomb in Pokémon Town Hall and Mayor Snooki is trapped inside his office. The gang comes to the town hall, where Nicholas morphs into a bald eagle to save the mayor. After he demorphs and escapes the building, Madi Shinx has to defuse the bomb, and Boom Boom came along to help diffuse the bomb, but they cut the green wire, and the two were blown up. In the hospital, they were too injured to move. Boom Boom tells Madi that he has a few minutes to live and couldn't be saved, and when the doctor tells Madi that she could not be saved either, Boom Boom dies. Later on, a bunch of people, including the mayor, see Madi Shinx, about to die, the mayor, in tears, crawls up to Madi and tells her how much he loves her, shortly before she dies. The mayor breaks the news to everyone and they cry.

Morphs UsedEdit

Morpher Morph
Five-Forty Red-tailed hawk, Madi Shinx, mouse, 
Nicholas Baggs Bald eagle, dog, rhino
Madi Shinx The Ultimate (combination of elephant, red-tailed hawk, unicorn, rhino, and tiger)


The Rise of Madi Shinx/Transcript


The Rise of Madi Shinx/Outtakes


  • Boom Boom was originally going to be the main antagonist, but it was scrapped.
  • Before the movie, a marathon consisting of episodes from the first three seasons were broadcast on DPS.
  • This film was originally intended to be the series finale, but since DPS wanted more episodes, the show continued.
  • After the movie was made, DPS released a special issue of DPS Magazine about this film. It included interviews with the cast, an article about Madi Shinx explaining what it was like to die and come back to life, Nicholas recounting his journey to Cyber Jungle, and a comic about Bully trying to stop the Great Scurvian during the events of the movie.

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