• My name is MkShinx
  • And I am proud to be
  • Right in my hometown
  • With my best friends
  • There's best friends
  • And cool friends
  • And even a sponge
  • Through good times
  • And bad times
  • It's true friends we share
  • And so I found a place
  • Where everyone will know
  • My happy Shinx-stached face
  • This is the MkShinx Show
  • Haha!
  • (Opening shot, where we see MkShinx standing outside)
  • MkShinx: Ahh, a little day. First I must water my plants. Then I'll watch some Teletubbies.
  • MkShinx: (watering her plants) Just one more plant and I'll be done. (waters last plant.) Done. Time for Teletubbies!
  • (Bullet Bills swoop down at MkShinx.)
  • MkShinx: Oh noes! Not the Bullet Bills.
  • (MkShinx flees but the Bullet Bulls got her.)
  • MkShinx: (weakly) Can't move my leg.
  • (A Banzai Bill goes down at her and gets her.)
  • MkShinx: (weakly) Can't get up.
  • Wizenhimer: I heard the explosion outside. Madi, are you okay?
  • Stinky: Please tell me.
  • Yoshi: Please no leave Yoshi.
  • MkShinx: I'm sorry, little buddy. I've tried. (takes her last breath.)
  • Yoshi: No, no, no. NOOOOOOOOOO!
  • (Cut to dark red screen with MkShinx on it)
  • MkShinx: Uh-oh, game over!
  • (At MkShinx's funeral)
  • Stinky: Waaaaaaaaaaah! It's not my fault that MkShinx died!
  • Yoshi: Yoshi want MkShinx back! Waaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Spongebob: Waaaaaaaaaaaah! MkShinx died!
  • Wizenhimer: Waaaaaaaaaah! My daughter! She's dead!
  • Greninja: Hup-two-three. (plays Walking on Sunshine on bagpipe)
  • Scraggy: Can I have your Teletubbies VHS tapes? I'll keep Blue Sky!
  • Oogtar: I gave her milk and cookies every day. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Nathan Buede: We've had tons of fun on Google Hangouts! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  • Togepi: I have always loved her. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
  • Ragdoll logo: Marry me, marry me!
  • Wizenhimer: Shut up, Ragdoll!
  • (Cut to Coney Island Disco Place)
  • King Koopa: Yes! Yes, I have finally defeated MkShinx!
  • Manetric: She's dead!
  • Crobat: Yeah!
  • King Koopa: First I'll put Pokemon Town in slavery. Then I'll call them Bob. Then I'll rule the world! Muhahahahahahahaha!
  • Manetric: What's so funny?
  • King Koopa: It's not funny!
  • King Koopa, Manetric, and Crobat: Muhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahha!
  • King Koopa: To celebrate MkShinx's defeat, what should I do?
  • Manetric: Throw a party.
  • Crobat: Yeah!
  • King Koopa: Throw a party, it is!
  • (Cut to the MkShinx Headquarters, also known as the Shinx Residence)
  • Yoshi: Waaaaaaaaaah! Yoshi want MkShinx back!
  • Stinky: Don't worry, little buddy, there's some way to bring her back to life.
  • Yoshi: (looks out window to see lights from Coney Island Disco Place): What lights about?
  • Stinky: I bet King Koopa has a party.
  • (Cut to Coney Island Disco Place, where David Smith and his children and Pokemon were celebrating)
  • David Smith: Is everyone having fun?
  • Manetric and Crobat
  • King Koopa and co.: Whup, whup, David, David, Whup, whup, David, Koopa, Whup, whup, Koopa, Koopa, Whup, whup, Koopa, Koopa!
  • (Doorbell rings)
  • Manetric: I'll get it.
  • (Manetric sees Stinky and Yoshi in the door)
  • Crobat: It's these two morons who are friends of MkShinx
  • Stinky: Eeyup, you're right, Crobat! It's us!
  • Yoshi: Koopa look like poop shoes
  • King Koopa: WHAT?!?
  • Stinky: You so ugly, you cracked The Daily Mirror! It's a newspaper!
  • King Koopa: I'll defeat you!
  • (Stinky uses Ember and burns David Smith.)
  • Stinky: That's what you get for defeating my sister!
  • (The next day)
  • Stinky: Siri, what can bring my sister back to life.
  • Siri: According to Xerneas, the only way to bring her back to life is the Potion of Life, which is located in Cyber Jungle. The Potion of Life not only brings anyone back to life, it also gives permanent life.
  • Stinky: Yoshi, me and you are gonna go to Cyber Jungle to retrieve the Potion of Life.
  • (At Cyber Jungle)
  • Stinky: Whoa, this is a big jungle
  • (Suddenly, two Monkeys grab Chubb by the hands.)
  • Stinky: Get him back!
  • (The monkey throw chubb to a tree!
  • Stinky: After traveling 100 miles, we've made it!
  • (Stinky grabs the Potion of Life)
  • (Cut to MkShinx's grave)
  • Xerneas: Who wants to bring her back to life?
  • Chubb: I do!
  • Celebi:  Rest now… warrior.

    Rest now, hardship is over.

Live. Wake up. Wake up.

And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones.

Wake up, wake up.

Live. Wake up. Wake up.

And let the cloak, of life – cling to your bones. Cling to your bones

Wake up. Wake up!

Live! Wake up! Wake up!

And let the potion! Of life! Cling to your bones! Cling to your bones!

Wake up! Wake up!

“I am going to end the Madi Hate Club, I marked the passing of the Pokemon, I saw the death of the kingom and I watched as time ran out, moment by moment until nothing remained – no time, no space, just ME! I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a mad man! And I watched universes freeze and creations burn, I have seen things you wouldn’t believe, I have lost things you will never understand! And I know things, secrets that must never be told, knowledge that must ever be spoken! Knowledge that will make heroes galore! So come on then! Take it! Take it all baby! Have it! You have it all!”

Wake up! Wake up!

  • (Yoshi runs up to MkShinx, opens her mouth, and pours it in her mouth. MkShinx's eyes opened wide)
  • MkShinx: Why is everyone around me? Did I miss something fun?
  • Stinky: Look! The Potion of Life brought MkShinx back to life! Now we use teamwork to save Pokemon Town!
  • (They have a big battle. MkShinx and Wizenhimer blast the big tower. King Koopa, Manetric, and Crobat get smashed by the tower.)
  • Stinky: What now? I found Bowser's hide.
  • MkShinx: what are you gonna do with it?
  • Stinky: I'm gonna get the supplies. (holds up pocket knife) That supplies, right there.
  • (Cut to Stinky on Koopa's hide.)
  • Stinky: I'm gonna sing a little song.
  • (Song begins)
  • Stinky: Hey, look at me!
  • I dance on the hide of King Koopa!
  • My heart is really big!
  • Pokemon Town was saved!
  • The potion of life is the best!
  • I have happy world
  • This is my song!
  • (Oogtar comes in riding Xerneas with milk and cookies.)
  • Oogtar: Who wants milk and cookies?
  • MkShinx and Co.: Me, me, meee!
  • (Oogtar and I take a bite of cookies when the plate was gone)
  • Oogtar: Hey! Who stole the cookies?!
  • (We see Ragdoll with the cookies)
  • Ragdoll: Marry me, marry me!
  • Xerneas and Oogtar: Shut up, Ragdoll!
  • (Xerneas and Oogtar take a bite of their cookies. Then everyone laughed and the movie ended.)

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