Rubsy is an American animated comedy film distributed by MkShinx Pictures


The movie begins with Rubsy and the gang celebrating Daisy's birthday. Then Toing and Snag pop out of the cake and take away Daisy. Roxy, Alrahammo, Chester, Savior, and Arnold have to save Daisy. That night, they stayed in their little hut. Roxy couldn't sleep, because the guys were having too much fun. The next day they got a map. They know that the airship was far away, so they had to go through the jungle to reach their airship. While processing through the jungle, they find a lot of messages. Xavier kept drinking his drinks, and Rubsy told him to keep drinking. But later Chester notices that Xavier is doing a little dance. Xavier informed him that he had to go to the toilet really badly. Chester tells Xavier to go in the tall grass. Savier does, but he realized that he was peeing on snag. Snag chased Xavier for a while, and Snag bumped into a branch, causing him to fall in the water. Snag tells himself that it was the last straw. Eventually they get to the airship, but then, Raggs spotted them. They had a big battle, then Raggs was imprisoned in Dog Jail and Daisy was saved.


  • Rubsy, a cat, and the main protagonist. He has orange fur, and a white T-shirt with an exclamation mark on it.
  • Daisy, A cat who is Rubsy's girlfriend
  • Alrahammo, an armadillo and the secondary protagonist. While his body is yellow, his shell has a very dark gray color, and he has odd shaped ears
  • Chester, a dog who loves to dance and get his ears scratched. He has yellow fur, and a blue collar.
  • Xavier, a megabat Who is afraid of the dark. Unlike Arnold, he hates getting paint on himself, because it messes up his style. He likes to drink power up drinks, because they help his body.
  • Arnold, a chameleon who calls himself as the Color-Changing Shemingan in third person. He likes to get paint on himself for fun
  • Raggs, a crocodile, and the main antagonist. He has dark green skin
  • Toing and Snag, two crows who work for Raggs and are the secondary and tertiary antagonists of the movie. They look alike, Toing has a blue bandanna, while Snag has a green bandanna.


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