Bun Bun Slipper As Bugs Bunny, Donna Donut As Daffy Duck, Erica Eraser And Ginger Fred As Elmer Fudd, Toasty Bread As Tweety Bird, Sadie Soda As Sylvester The Cat, Gran Jam As Granny, Rainbow Bite As Roadrunner, Wise Fry As Wile Coyote , Pa, Pizza As Pepe Le Pew Polly Perfume Banana Spillty Sconnie Wendy Wedding Cake Dollops Suzie Sundae D' lish Donut Soda Soda Pops Duffa Snug Ugg Vicky Vac Netti Spagetti Stella Stapler Fishtix MaccaRoon Pecanna Pie Lolli Poppins Birthday Betty Strawberry Kiss Strawberries And Cream Apple Blossom Aspbury Raspberry Nilla Slice Bonnie Berret Fairy Crumbs Lanana Banana Bread Tutucute Suds Danni Danish Rolla Tape Mary Muffin Onion Rings Lana Lamp Zappy Microwave Posh Pear Croissant d' Or Penny Purse Clutch Dressica Fancy Fansisctor Dishy Liquid Angie Ankle Boot Shady Pamela Pancake Teenie 1 Tiny 2 Music Box Sweet Scent Posh Polish Twinky Winks Tiara Pinapple Crush Olivia Oil Choc BoxRoxy Ring Mandy Candy As Penelope Pussycat , Toasty Pop As Tasmanian Devil , Lippy Lips As Lola Bunny Sausage Sizzle As Speedy Gonzales Saucy Pan As Slowpoke Rodriguez, Rub A Glove As Rocky, Mr Muffin As Mugsy, Frost T Fridge As Foghorn Leghorn, Ma Kettle And Miss Candy As Mrs Prissy Cheezy Burger As Henery Hawk, Rolly Roll As Barnyard Dawg, Yummy Sundae As Yosemite Sam , Mandy Candy As Marvin The Martian, Strawberries And Cream As Sam Sheepdog, Rolla Tape As Ralph Wolf , Mary Muffin As Marc Anthony, Banana Spiltty And Sconnie And Teenie 1 Tiny 2 Patty Pam As Pussyfoot, Popsicle As Playboy Penguin, Banana Splitty As Grumesome Gorilla, Hi Heel As Hippety Hopper, Break N Crunch As Beaky Buzzard, Candy Apple As Cecil Turtle,Candy Kisses As Michigan J Frog, Peta Plunger As Pete Puma, Snow Crush as Crusher, Piano Man As Petuina Pig,Molly Mops As Melissa Duck,Juicy Fruit As Gossamer Alpha Soup As A.Flea Smarty Phone As Smokey The Genie Jelly B As Claude Cat Sippy Sips As Slyvester Jr Kelly Calculator As K-9 Dippy Advaco As The Baby Alien Cool Cube As Hugo The Abominable Snowman Yo Chi As The Gambling Bug Slick Breadstick As Gonivanni Jones Mixie And Maxie Nutty Butter And Pecanna Pie As Goofy Gophers Goopy As Egghead Cami Camera As Countblood Count Chee Zee And Cheezy Burger As Hubie And Bertie Dishy Liquid As Witch Hazel Sneaky Wedge As Spike Cheese Kate As Chester Mini Shopkin Eggs As Instant Martians Dum Me Mee As Baby Face Finster Aspara-Gus And Rockin Broc As Angus MacRory Betty Boot As Cottontail Smith

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