Slimey & SMJ4: Civil War is an American animated adventure-comedy film based on the Slimey & SMJ4 series. It is the sequel to Slimey & SMJ4: The Movie and a parody of the 2016 Marvel film Captain America: Civil War. The film is rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America.


A mysterious curse has fallen between Justin and .blend1 to hate each other a lot harsher than usual up to the point of starting a chaotic civil war between each other. The SMJ Syndicate (Justin, Slimey, Eduardo the Banana, Justine, Arms the Cat, Frodo and Daughter Hyde) and the Curseblend Syndicate (.blend1, Slimey.avi, Eduardo the Demon Plumber, Mini-Me, Odorf, Shia LaBeouf and Jar-Jar Binks) are now up against each other. Meanwhile, a corrupt superhero wannabe who goes by the name of Sidekick England wants to gain respect and salution from the entire world.


  • Dave Willis: Slimey, Slimey.avi
  • Tom Kenny: SuperMarioJustin4, Mini-Me
  • Robert Englund: SMJ4.blend1
  • Tara Strong: SuperMariaJustine4
  • Ashleigh Ball: Daughter Hyde
  • Lewis Black: Frodo, Odorf
  • Matt Hill: Arms
  • Stanley Tucci: Eduardo (plumber)
  • Antonio Banderas: Eduardo (banana)
  • Ahmed Best: Jar-Jar Binks
  • Shia LaBeouf: Himself
  • Jake Abel: Sidekick England