Sonic Adventure: Chaos Complex
Directed by

Kenen Ojia

Vic Dolan (English dub)
Produced by Elliot Strange
Owen Emerson
Written by Owen Emerson
Elliot Strange
Story by Elliot Strange
Starring Steve Greene
Matthew Patrick
Emilio Estevez
Emily Deschanel
Christian Arizaga
Kieran Stark
Hoodie Allen
Jim Carrey
Music by Various


Lime Studio

The Corning/Emerson Group

Serendipity Point Films
Distributed by

Destination Films (US)

Samuel Goldwyn Films (US/theatrical)

Alliance Atlantis (CAN)
Release date(s) February 8th, 2003
Running time 140 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $3,000,000
Box office $4,234,128

Sonic Adventure: Chaos Complex is a Japanese/Canadian direct-to-video film based on the Sonic Adventure games that was originally released in Canada in 2030. Sony acquired American distribution rights 3 years later. It is notable in being one of the first Sonic related projects to feature Sally Acorn after Sonic SatAM.


The film was originally produced without authorization from SEGA. The film was intended to be a spiritual sequel to Sonic Adventure, but it quickly fell into obscurity due to a lack of promotion. An English dub was produced and aired on cable networks in the US and the UK before earning a theatrical release in 2003.

Cor-Son originally hired Miramax Films to distribute it, but pulled out due to them intending to edit it to turn a higher profit. They later went with Sony, who outsourced it to their specialty division Destination Films. Samuel Goldwyn Films co-distributed the film in its American theatrical run.


  • SteveGreeneComedy - Sonic
  • MatPat - Tails
  • Emilio Estevez - Knuckles
  • Emily Deschanel - Amy Rose
  • Hoodie Allen - Vector
  • Christian Arizaga - Espio
  • Kieran Stark - Charmy
  • Jim Carrey - Eggman


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Reception/Aftermath Edit

The film received mixed reviews at the time of its release. It did fairly well at the box-office, but the companies that produced it didn't make enough to break even. The Corning/Emerson Group shut down their film division after viewing the film as a money-sink.

Since then, the film has garnered a cult following amongst Sonic fans, attributing it to the fact that it serves as a close successor to the Sonic Adventure games.

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