Sonic the Movie (aka, Sonic the Hedgehog: Journey to Planet Wisp) was a CGI movie that was released in 2014. The movie combines elements of Sonic Colors and Sonic Lost World, but it notably lacks a bulk of the Sonic cast and instead focuses exclusively on Sonic and the Wisps.

Production Edit

The movie was originally envisioned as a sequel to Sonic Adventure: Chaos Complex, and was set to be released in 2006, but due to the backlash surrounding Sonic 06, Check Studios held off on the project. It was brought out of development hell in 2009, but due to the creative team performing a massive overhaul on the original plot of the movie, Check Studios and the Weinstein Brothers pulled out of the venture.

Reception Edit

The film earned predominantly negative reviews from critics, but earned a small following from Sonic fans (primarily those who prefer the lighter tone in the current roster of games). The film earned additional attention after it was involved in a contest where it was compared to another Sonic film released in 2004. Following the contest, Sonic the Movie became a prime source of ridicule, and it prompted the director to flag down videos that made fun of the movie before he abandoned the internet and went into hiding.

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