Stars and Boulevards Is a romantic comedy-drama film based on John Green's 2012 novel of the same name.The film stars Andrew Lincoln,Chloe Bridges,And Jamie Chung.It was released on May 14,2014.Filming took place in Chicago and Washington,D.C


The movie takes place in Chicago,Illinois where City police officer Lucas Adams is in the process of divorcing his wife,Haden because she cheates on him with fellow officer Michael Grant.

After an argument with Haden over custody of their child,Carson,Lucas is callesd to investigate a domestic disturbance in an apartment uptown.When he gets there,he finds a man beating his girlfriend and stops him,arresting the man who is revealed to be town drug dealer Kyle Scmidt.He questions the woman,who tells him her name is Lola Hawthorne.He takes Kyle in and goes home for the day.

The next day,while he is on break from patrol,he sees Lola walking down the street and asks her if she needs a ride.She accepts and he drops her off at the University of Chicago.To his surprise she thanks him with a kiss before rushing off to class.

That night he retuns to his apartment to find Lola waiting with he suitcases,revealing that after Kyle was arrested she was kicked out of the apartment and she needs a place to stay.He allows her to stay until she finds a new place,to his surprise,Lola turns out to be a good housemate,paying most of the bills and cooking and cleaning the house.He also discovers that her parents died when she was young and she wanted to become a doctor.They begin deveoping feelings for one another.

When Haden comes to drop Carson off,Lola answers the door in her underwear and Haden assumes they're together.Spreading the rumor around town.After Micheal insults Lola at work,Lucas defends her and they in up in a physical fight.

Lucas,still angry about then fight,snaps at Lola when he returns to the apartment.The two argue and she leaves,leaving behind nothing but her red umbrella.He tracks her down to apologize and finds her in a small cabin at a lake outside of town.The two kiss under the umbrella.

Three months unto their relationship,Lola gets pregnant and Lucas accuses her of trying to trap him.She leaves and moves in with her alcoholic uncle.That's the last he hears from her for a year.

One year Later,he gets a call from her uncle telling him that Lola had died and that he has custody of the baby.He travels to Washington,D.C to visit her grave.He places the umbrella on the gravestone and walks off.


Andrew Lincoln as Lucas Adams

Chloe Bridges as Lola Hawthorne

Vera Farmiga as Haden Adams

Hugh Jackman as Micheal Grant

Evan Peters as Kyle Scmidt

Gary Oldman as The Uncle

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