Storm Films is an American film studios owned by S Incorpration and founded by Storm Collins. It open in 2010 as Storm Company, and in 2011 it was renamed Storm FIlms. Thier first film, Time: Going Back was released in 2013 and was produce along with Imagine Films. Storm Films have a 5 year partnership with Imagine Films


Title:                           Released:                                                         

Time: No Going Back  3/29/13                                                 

Microscope                   5/17/13                                                 

Stephen Untold Story  7/3/13                                  

Island of Monsters Untold Story      3/21/14                                

The Time Trilogy: Present Promlems           4/18/14                                     

The Toy Princress                                         5/16/14                                                                        

Microscope 2: Ginormous                             8/8/14                                          

The Christmas Book 2                                 11/7/14                                                  

The Toy Prince                                             3/13/15                                                                           

The Time Trilogy: Flash Foward         5/22/15    

Size Matters                                                   11/21/15

Stopwatch                                         2/12/16

Mircoscope: Origins                                                 6/3/16                                                                  

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