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Tails & Friends is an adventure comedy Garry's Mod film created by SuperFrank225 Pictures and distributed by Garry's Mod studios. It is set to be released to YouTube to the public in the summer of 2015.

Plot Edit

The film starts with officers Edgar, and Reggie sitting down asking about today's weather. But all of that is changed when officer Smith informs them that Sicarius is on his way. Edgar then informs Reggie to take him down. Then, the three police officers go see Sicarius and his sidekick Opulentus discussing today's scheme, which was revealed to kill the three officers when Sicarius asks them that they could have "invited someone else to the party" and then sending his raptors to go after them. Officers Edgar, Reggie, and Smith try to escape him but Opulentus and his clones surround him. He explains the abandonment of Opulentus and Edgar says to him that he and Sicarius won't get away with it but Sicarius doubts it as he says he actually will. Opulentus roars at Reggie, making him unconscious him. But then he wakes up when Opulentus starts running to the nearest bus. Smith tries forcing Sicarius and Opulentus together back. Sicarius says no and then flies off with Opulentus running at his side. Reggie goes after them, and Edgar says that it's "too risky" but Reggie tells Edgar that he is already on it. Edgar and Smith were hoping that Reggie would be okay. Meanwhile Reggie was trying to fight Sicarius but he gets his back blood bruised at the front of the bus and fallen to the ground. Opulentus chuckles menacingly at him as Reggie looks at the velociraptor in fear. Sicarius tells Opulentus that he's all his now and to feast on him. Reggie gets his head eaten and dies. Edgar and Smith see that Reggie is already dead. And whilst Sicarius grins evilly, Opulentus's clones charge at the two remaining officers, making them dying as well. Sicarius says to Opulentus that whatever task they have, they'd make sure Scrapeye hears about. Opulentus agrees and asks what could possibly go wrong as they watch the clones eat the deceased three police officers in hunger.

The following day at Modern House, Tails tells Eric that he didn't put the pizza slices on the floor. Eric asks who did and Tails groans in unfairly anger.