Summary Edit

Oh No! Michael Foster is still alive and he escapes in jail but he wants to kidnap the Casey's daughter name Marie Welson and she got kidnapped. Jordan Turner is gonna call Marie for help and she wants to get out of Michael's car and she didn't. Michael met the second man name Leo Taylor and he wants to talk to Michael and he wants to say sorry for not calling 9-1-1 for the police. And he wants to call again and then Michael grabbed Leo's shoulder and he destroyed Leo's phone and Michael puts Leo in the back of the car with Marie and Leo is her friend. At the grocery and he wants to go to the pharmacy to talk the manager name Dr.Liz and she wants to give a money to Michaell and he wants to give a cash back to Dr.Liz and she is about tobout to call 9-1-1 and Michael grabbed her and he puts Dr.Liz in the back of the car with Leo and Marie.

Cast Edit

Halle Berry as Jordan Turner - The Operator

Alice Eve as Casey Welson - The Mother

Elyse Cole as Marie Welson - The Daughter

Ethan Hawke as Leo Taylor - The second man of victim

Maura Grierson as Dr.Liz - The second woman of victim

Michael Eklund as Michael Foster - Doctor/Serial Killer

Morris Chestnut as Officer Paul Phillips

David Otunga as Officer Jake Devans

Samy Busby as Officer

Michel Linstroth as Officer # 1

Lisa Grady as Forensic Agent

Rakefet Abergel as Trainee # 1

Teresa Jelks-Kirkley as Operator # 1

Yolanda Arroyo as Operator # 2

Katelyn Hanson as Operator # 3

Cassandra M. bellantoni as 911 Operator (uncredited)

Dorian Cedars as 911 Operator 2 (uncredited)

Quotes Edit

(Emergency Alert System Warning)

Newscaster: At the county in jail, Michael Foster escapes but he is still alive and he wants to kidnap 3 of them and Michael Foster is the wearing the office shirt color light blue and he is Scott Michael Foster and he wants to be a serial killer and he wants to kill someone with deadly weapons and everything. And this is a test of the Los Angeles Emergency Network System.

(Three months later in the entrance at the mall Casey Welson's daughter name Marie Welson and she is a brave girl and she wants to find her mom.)

Casey Welson: Come on Marie. Let's see my friend.

(She drops the phone to the floor.)

Marie Welson: My phone!

Casey Welson: (sigh) Marie. I'll get your phone.

(Casey picks her phone and she gives the phone to Marie)

Casey Welson: Becareful with your phone.

(Marie is sitting on the chair and she wants to play game in the App Store.)

Main Cast Gallery Edit

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