Full credits for The Canimals Movie.

Directed by

Chris Wedge

Jared Bush

Co-Directed by

Mike Thurmeier

Produced by

Lori Forte, p.g.a.

Executive Producer

Doug Sweetland

Music by

Christophe Beck

Written by

Jonathan Aibel & Glenn Burger

Art Director

Thomas Cardone


Randy Trager

Production Designer

Paul Lasaine

Casting by

Christian Kaplan

Cast Edit

  • Ato: Christopher Mintz-Plasse
  • Oz: Cristina Pucelli
  • Pow: J. W. Terry

Story Edit

Story Supervisor

Karen Disher

Story Manager

Katherine Sarafian

Story Artists

  • Katherine Sarafian
  • Don Lake
  • Robert L. Baird
  • Dan Scanlon

Art Edit

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